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Is your website past its freshness date?

Call Nott Marketing Services when you want a consultation on website upgrades in Killingly CT. Your website is the portal to your company. If your website has not been updated in the last five years or had your key services optimized for your locale, you need an intervention. According to a 2019 Salesforce.com blog post, as many as 87% of consumers investigate their buying options using search engines. Unfortunately, you might never be found unless your website appears on the first page or two in a Google search. Whether you sell online or not, it is common for your target market to do a little research on the internet.

Google Search places more importance on websites optimized for mobile devices. Unless your website has been designed to look good on mobile, tablet, and desktop, your expensive web pages are invisible. The smartphone has succeeded in completely changing the rules of web page ranking. Hand-held devices and increased bandwidth have encouraged the proliferation of highly visual messages. Today, video hero banners, high-resolution photography, infographics, and jquery powered slideshows have displaced text on many homepages. It seems that a picture now conveys the company story. Back when dial-up reigned, graphics were scarce and web pages resembled ordinary documents.

Trending Page Design

There are new protocols for website developers now that public wireless internet is ubiquitous and bandwidth abundant. Have you noticed how many websites now look like Facebook and Pinterest? What was once true for keyword and metatag selection in page text and bold headlines has been supplanted by clever subliminal messages conveyed by photography, collages, and infographics.The abundance of infographics today gives the viewer the visual equivalent of a soundbite. The danger of marketing with chunks of imagery is that one can’t possibly make a rational decision on so little information. Our media screens put your brain in a suggestive state, where rational thought is all but impossible. When your company story is told in pictures, search bots cannot read your pages. Search Engine Optimization is a science, and requires text, headlines and minimum word counts.

Feeding the Beast: Getting Noticed on Google

The most successful websites in terms of search engine visibility and aesthetics, pay attention to the guidelines set by the algorithms. When we tell your story, we want your page to resemble you, not a slick design portfolio. I have never participated in Google Adwords, and I recommend all my clients keep their websites current and relevant.

For 10 years, have contributed short posts about marketing, social media, scams, spam, and other topics from the small business point of view. My message is about what I can do for small business owners who need a dedicated webmaster to present their company stories with care.

That said, I do understand the value of impactful graphics, concise messages, and the new expectations of the hand-held device and the browser with a short attention span. Need a consultation? Call during regular business hours or shoot me an email!

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