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Content Management System – our choice for small companies and groups

The content management system is a database driven website for companies that organize new material contributed by one or many users. Think of this option as a long-term investment that keeps your website on the radar every time you add an article. Software is generally open-source, although premium software and professional versions may incur yearly licensing fees. The database and framework setup process can be lengthy and tedious, although adding to the site later makes the investment well worth it. Your design template is made for you, so your company project will not look like a random do-it-yourself blogsite with the default design theme. We offer ongoing site updates and support in our long-term maintenance plans, and encourage the site owner to post new material regularly.


WordPress Website Publishing

For the website that will have frequent updates and edits, such as a blog or a product catalog, the WordPress option offers many free plugin software programs that will save a lot of time and expense in programming. Although this is excellent blogging software, one can build a functional and attractive conventional website in the WordPress publishing platform. We set up your site, install and program compatible software plugins, set up your email forms, map and register your site in search engines for a flat hourly fee. The average base cost to set up a 5-page business website is  $800. Expect to spend more to include site hosting, installation of additional custom features, product catalog setup, shopping cart software and renewal of software licensing.