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Company Philosophy

Nott Marketing Services is a small and independent business owner advocate. The company was established by Lorraine T. Nott in September of 1997. We do high-quality work at fair rates because we want to be your long-term design and maintenance team. Our price list has always been visible to the public. We understand how hard you work to run your business – our goal at Nott Marketing Services is to take the mystery, worry and expense out of publishing your company website.

Nott Marketing Services is a family run company.

As a private website design company, we handle all aspects of your website design, software installation, theme updates, domain issues, domain email account creation, and security. We work with our server companies to keep small issues from becoming service outages. All our work is hands-on, nothing is outsourced. We are here to help you present your business in the best possible light. My business goal is to provide personal, prompt service. We are happy to assist you, but we are not always available to take telephone calls after 8 pm (EST), on Sundays or holidays. Email is checked regularly, and I appreciate a written request or description of an issue with as many details as possible.


Payment and Service Policies

For most projects, after our written cost assessment has been delivered, a deposit of 30-50% of the estimate will be requested. Payment of the balance due including first 6 months of hosting/maintenance will be requested in full by invoice at the time of publication. Customers who opt for a-la-carte maintenance will pay their yearly hosting up front annually. Hosting and maintenance agreements will be honored only if the account is in good standing. Fees must be received in advance of the service period covered (monthly, biannually, or yearly). Please be cognizant of the fact that we must pay vendors in advance on your behalf to keep your accounts active.

  • Hosting / Maintenance Plan  The Nott Marketing Services maintenance agreement provides for 30 to 60 minutes per month of simple edits, additions, deletions and updates with attention to Google sitemap submission. New page, gallery, and new product category creation will be billed out on a per-hour or per-page basis. Hosting/maintenance charges will be paid in advance for either a 12-month or 6-month period.
  • Limited Maintenance  Content Management sites are database driven and use a WordPress framework. There are thousands of software plugins available that increase the functionality of our presentation. It is not uncommon for a plugin to “break”, for an integrated service to disconnect, or to update to the most secure version of php server-side that causes plugin failure. With limited maintenance clients, be assured that I am on your side and will do everything in my power to troubleshoot an issue in the back end of your dashboard. When a third-party payment processing integration fails, or a shipping integration fails, please understand that we may have to rely on tech support from the contracted services to restore functionality.
  • Website Security Thousands of attempts to hack websites are made by bots every day, and your website is not immune. I take security very seriously and monitor unauthorized login attempts all day long. The internet is the wild west, and AI is taking over how our search results are served, comments to blog posts are mostly spam, and social media is monitoring everything you look at. We will not allow newsletter emailing to be done from your website. One complaint of spam will take down everyone’s account on our servers. We recommend subscribing to Constant Contact for such services.
  • Payment plans  Nott Marketing Services will be happy to work with you to create fair terms for payment over time. This option is offered during initial consultation. Although our preference is to be paid regularly each month, we will break down your payment terms in advance for your convenience. We ask that you pay when presented with an invoice.
  • Late payment policy  Clients are expected to pay invoices in full upon receipt. In the event a bill remains unpaid more than 30 days, a fee of 5% times your existing balance will be added to the next invoice. You may receive a PayPal Request For Payment email, with which you may pay with a credit card rather than mailing a check.
  • Interruption of Service  If a client neglects to pay their hosting/maintenance agreement fees for a period of 60 days, one can expect the website to be taken offline. We prefer to work with a client during a dry period, and accept partial payments. In most cases, the client will receive an invoice for a 6 month hosting period twice per year. Non-profit companies may be billed for the year on their anniversary date. Invoices are mailed just before the end of the service period and payment is due upon receipt. If invoices and notices are ignored and we do not reach an alternative payment agreement, Nott Marketing Services reserve the right to temporarily deactivate a website. The client will expect to pay a service charge for reinstatement of their web pages and other services.
  • Account Suspensions  Nott Marketing Services serves as the administrator of your hosting account. We purchase server space from reputable hosting providers. Clients who engage in mass emailing, spamming, pornography or other activity which violates the business practices and policies of the server hosting company may find their accounts permanently suspended for such activities. Clients in violation of acceptable business practices should expect a permanent loss of all documents, data, artwork, email and files. Reinstatement of the accounts may not be negotiable.


Mass Emailing and Spamvertising

    • SPAM is an unwanted advertising message  received by someone who has not given you permission to contact them. A client who engages in mass emailing to people he does not know could be “SPAMvertising”. Promoting your website URL via Gmail from your desktop or through a hired third-party emailing service from purchased leads is considered SPAMMING when the people you are contacting have not asked you to send them email. SPAMvertising may get your website permanently banned from hosting companies.  Purchasing thousands of leads – business contacts or residential – from a third-party – for the purpose of email, postal mail, fax, instant messaging, or usenet/newsgroups – makes you responsible for how these messages are interpreted by the receiver. Opted-in, confirmed recipients must be given a clear opt-out (‘unsubscribe’) link following the body of the email message. Newsletter email programs from which you may distribute a message to your subscribers must comply with the mailing rate allowed by your site host. The URL for your company may be forever tarnished, you risk becoming untouchable in the future from any reputable hosting service, and any company associated with you may divorce themselves from you. 


Company Privacy Policy

    • Your contact and account information will never be sold or shared with another party.

Cancellation of accounts

    • Nott Marketing Services would appreciate a written request to cancel website services prior to a client’s next billing period. An email or a written letter are acceptable. When the domain name and server accounts are being managed under our name, we will determine whether to transfer existing services to a separate account or to cancel them outright. The client will agree to pay the host and registrar from their own credit card after termination with Nott Marketing Services.

We accept cash and checks. Credit card payments are accepted through PayPal.