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About Nott Marketing Services

Nott Marketing Services is owned and operated by Lorraine Nott. The company was established in 1997 as the world wide web was emerging. I worked in the field of Nuclear Medicine Technology from 1980 to 2020. I started thinking about creating an alternative income stream while I was the Senior Cardiovascular Nuclear Technologist in a New England teaching hospital. The field of Medical Imaging in the ’90s was physically and mentally grueling. While working through some serious injuries, I realized my future quality of life was at risk.

I actively sought out a secondary career path, establishing an internet marketing consultancy from my home in Dayville. Proponents of Internet marketing sold this novel field as a new Gold Rush. Business owners I encountered were suspicious, even hostile. The ‘world wide web’ was not trusted – and neither was my message. I studied, asked questions, attended industry training classes, and persisted.

I received calls from sole proprietors, contractors, artisans, and new business owners. I learned that their projects were deemed ‘too small’ by larger web design companies. These small businesses needed a collaborator willing to work long-term to achieve their goals. Twenty-five years later, Nott Marketing Services continues to design, upgrade, improve and maintain small business websites long-term.

Custom Professional Website Design

Although we became very proficient at designing custom layouts for our clients, we take full advantage of wordpress themes that have been produced by top design houses. I build exclusively in WordPress CMS, respecting mobile, tablet, laptop and wide screen layouts. Since 2015 I have built or modernized about one hundred websites for a local marketing company. I wrote blog posts to optimize these sites for top placement in local search, about 110 per month. My preference is to work with local businesses who want to get found easily on the web by prospects in their community.

Long-Term Management and Maintenance

The majority of clients opt for Nott Marketing’s long-term hosting and maintenance plans, making frequent updates very affordable. If you have a new consultancy, a home-based business, or just haven’t gotten around to getting a website, Nott Marketing Services would like to work with you. Call 860-774-4467 for a free consultation.