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Search Engine Optimization.

One of my favorite challenges is improving SEO for Connecticut business owners. When launching your new company, it is crucial to understand how search engines find websites in local search requests. I have invested thousands of hours in successfully improving online search results for Connecticut business owners. If you have a website that is not appearing in local Google search requests, I may be able to help you. Search engine optimization is, in my opinion, the least expensive method I have found to get page-one placement in major search engines like Google and Bing.

How long after your grand opening can you afford to operate without new customers? If you are a Connecticut company operating in a limited service area, wouldn’t you like prospective customers in your region to easily find you in search results? Of course, you can pay Google to place a paid advertisement linking to your website. Pay-per-click advertising is costly for new companies. When you cancel your paid listing, you may not appear in search results at all.

What are Natural or Organic Search Results?

Natural or Organic results spring from well-coded, well-written copy and current information submitted to Google.com on your behalf by your webmaster. Page-one and page-two results for your company will quickly grow your business. When you open Google or Bing and request a search, you will notice a lot of ads at the top and bottom of the pages. These are paid advertisements. The page links sandwiched between the classified sites are local companies that are looking for your business using a service/town request. The results you see are listed on the first page because the websites work with search engine robots to deliver the results you requested.

What You Need for Successful Search Engine Listings

You want your company to appear in local search requests based on region and service criteria. I recommend a WordPress website that customized to accurately reflect your values, services offered, and service area. You don’t NEED galleries, but quality photos of jobs you have done can really lend credibility to your company. You have seen slick websites with photography purchased for the website, and that may result in a really pretty website. But a pretty home page with slick animations will not bring you business.

Your home page should honestly represent your values, your mission, your experience, and years in business. Your photos will be tagged with descriptive text, often with a town, which lends to information gleaned by the robots that scan your web pages. Construction, electrical, drainage, septic, HVAC, drainage, or remodeling companies benefit from before-and-after case studies. If you don’t have any video or onsite photos of your own, start collecting them.

Most companies can start with a 5-page website, adding project pages or specific service area pages. All copy, headlines, and photos are placed to enhance search engine success. Implement a regular blog posting schedule. Select counties or towns you want to service, then feature posts describing your services or show jobs you have done. Your headlines, photos, and paragraphs contain the keywords and key phrases that will promote targeted natural search terms.

On the interwebs, your page or post headlines will NOT lead with your company name. Unless you are well known in the region, many of your prospects are searching for your services.

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