Responsive Websites Rule

I built my first website in 1998 before most businesses and consumers possesses personal computers linked to the internet. A generation has barely passed and today’s indispensible accessory for browsing the net is a smartphone with a 5 inch screen. In between we have viewed websites on fat square CRT monitors, wide rectangular gaming computer monitors and large livingroom vision televisions connected to Web-tv.

Google has positioned itself as the gatekeeper of the web and now serves a different set of search results to smart phone browsers. If your website is not optimized for these consumers, your website will appear behind responsive site links.

Due to today’s high-speed internet and almost ubiquitous wi-fi availability, it’s okay to utilize photography, parallax displays, slideshows and embedded videos to make your company website a beautiful and effective marketing tool.

Today the responsive website Rules. To get your site optimized for all media screens, give Nott Marketing Services a call.